how we recognize canadian identity

canadian identity

Canada is identified as a polite country that welcomes refugees to our home land to help them out, we are also identified because of our land for example our land is all flat land, another way we are identified is all the first nation's people in our nation, but the one thing that we are all most identified for is the Canadian flag.

Canadian identity is expressed through arts and storytelling by the first nations people and there story telling about stuff that happened a long long time ago that has to do with there beliefs, and the art of our identity is originally like jigging and pow wow's and cultural dances but now days it is set on a more hip hop theme.

historical events shaped the present Canadian identity by revealing the changes of the values and beliefs and attitudes of people today or in other words we have all learned from our mistakes.

Canada's role affects our identity and reputation because of all of us helping and taking in refugees into our country and providing them with support and the care that they need.

the second world war affected Canada because of all the soldiers that had passed away in the war and all the devastated family's that were waiting for there loved ones to come back but only received a letter that said K.I.A. or killed in action.

Different worldviews shape our relationship with the land because of the first nations people and there story's about the land and how everything has a soul and stuff like that.

They aren't expressed very well through the land because most people disagree with the decision of the refugees[indigenous people] coming to this land.

The treaty relationships in Canada are us and the treaty people share the land ,they owned it first and shared it with us.

The different perspectives of the people that signed the treaty's in Canada were that they own the all the land except the land that the treaty people were living on but that didn't stop them from taking over there land anyways.

The expectations and benefits of treaties were that the first nation's people would share the land but they could keep living there life style and continue there beliefs and there way of living.

Some of the provisions of treaties were that the elders teach that there ancestors did not give up there ways of life and living and there freedom just because the treaties were signed.

The reason why certain land pieces are put aside in Canada are for reserve land for the first nations and all those people that originally lived here.

Pow Wow

One more way that Canadian identity is identified is a pow wow, this has been going on since as far as I can remember and that is about 13 years and longer like my mother told me her grandma went to pow wow's since she was like 5 so its been going on for about over 200 year's so this is truly a long living event that has lived on for such a long time.