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The Cost of Hiring Professional Musicians or Bands for a Function

Hiring band for parties and weddings has increased overtime. Musicians make the whole event alive with the beats. However, it is necessary to ponder upon a few things to avoid any major loss of money. Let us look at the cost of hiring professional musicians and how you can cut the costs considerably.

Things to consider

There are a few things to consider before hiring a band to get value for your money. Some of the most common among them are mentioned here:

· Basic cost and budget

· Health insurance of musicians

· Experience and reputation of musicians

· Genre of band

· Actual number of hours they are going to work for you

A common rate guide

The cost of arranging and managing a band varies from $1000 to $1, 00,000. Let us talk about general cost that you should never forget to include in the overall charges.

· Performance- $75 common, plus $25 or $50 per hour

· Recording- At least $100 per day plus

· Rehearsals- $25 per hour

· Sound reinforcement – at least $75

· Lights and Staging - $75 minimum

· Meals - $25 to $40 per meal

· Agent- 15% of whole cost

Saving money

You should keep all the essential things in mind before finalizing a band. Try to avoid any mismanagement to save bucks. Take care everything is on time. Hang on speeches or other things to let the singers perform.


Try to directly contact a band instead of contacting an agent, who offers bands for hire. This will also help you in saving bucks.