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August 9th - August 14th

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August 9th: Principal's Message

Dear Buccaneers,

I knew that our first week was going to be tough: students unable to log in, students with connectivity issues, parents calling unable to access classes; however, I have to admit that what I heard this week surpassed my expectations. Most of our students and our parents were understanding of our expectations and seemed ready to comply. Thank you for being patient and understanding. We will continue having challenges. We are all learning how to assist virtually but we are here to listen and help. Our teachers are ready to assist in any way they can and our office staff and our administration are also available to answer questions you might have.

I want to offer a shout out to:

  • our students for being so flexible and understanding
  • our parents for trusting SOM to deliver a quality education to their precious scholars
  • our counselors for making sure that each one of our students had a full schedule. For helping ease our parents who had questions and concerns
  • Our office staff, Ms. Ceja, Ms. Torres, Mr. Caro, Ms. Verduzco, Ms. Gross for helping answer calls and assist with registration questions
  • Ms. Zamora-Barba for getting all of our textbooks ready for distribution
  • Mr. Singh and Mr. Torres for helping Ms. Zamora-Barba get our textbooks ready for distribution
  • Mr. Jeff Obal for helping with iPads and with technical issues
  • to our teachers for making our students feel welcome, at ease, and appreciated.
  • to Mario, Anthony, Junior, and Victor for keeping our grounds clean and sanitized
  • to Raul Delatorre, our new gardener, who in one week was able to cut shrubs and take control of our greens (welcome to SOM!)
  • our Admin Team for their help with opening through distance learning and mitigating issues
  • our cafeteria staff for preparing and distribution food for our students

We had a successful opening because we worked as a TEAM ! THANK YOU!!!!

Our goal is to ensure that our scholars have a successful academic year!

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Need a class schedule change?

During the first two weeks of school, we will be focusing on resolving scheduling errors and balancing classes to meet teacher contractual limits. Thus, student schedules will be changing over the next 10 days. We encourage students to check their class schedules in Infinite Campus Portal on a daily basis.

We are unable to honor requests for specific teachers, class periods, and other preferences. Counselors will work to balance class sizes to ensure productive learning environments and to meet teacher contractual limits. Please be aware, the addition or closure of classes may be necessary with changes in enrollment or staffing.

If you believe there is an error in your class schedule and/or would like to request a schedule change and have it reviewed, please email your counselor. Since we are working remotely, if we need to call you, our calls will show up as blocked.

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What if I did not get textbooks?

We will have a make up day on August 14th. We will be asking parents to pick up textbooks during the allotted times. We need to have our students ready with textbooks by the end of this week. We will have our office staff and our campus assistants calling parents to notify them of our textbooks distribution make up day.

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When will our virtual after school program, HYPE, start?

Our Virtual HYPE Before and After School Program will be going live on Google Meets through Google Classroom on Monday, August 10, at 2:30pm. Because our program is open to all SOM students, I will be sending all students an invite through Google Classroom to join our HYPE Classroom. Only students who are planning on participating in HYPE will need to enroll in the class in order to access our daily activities and sign in to program.

I sent a message to all students and parents via Jupiter Grades to let them know. I also included our website link (https://bit.ly/southwestmiddlehype) and a link to our HYPE Promo Video: https://bit.ly/hypeaugust2020.


Teachers can choose from either Microsoft TEAMS or Google MEET for synchronous instruction. Each teacher will have included this information in their email.

If your teachers are using TEAMS, install TEAMS onto the IPAD by following these directions [link]. Once TEAMS is uploaded, you will be able to see the TEAMS calendar. If your teachers scheduled class meetings, the meeting invite links will be embedded in the calendar. Your teachers may also inform you that she will start a meeting using the Meet Now feature. If so, then you need to check the general chat/post page of the TEAM and you will see the meeting in progress. Click Join and you will be in the teachers’ live sessions.

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Yes. As a member of all your classes, you will be required to join the synchronous sessions because your teachers will record attendance from the live sessions. They can instruct in the live session for up to 45 minutes. For the first week, they may take it a little slower for adjustment and may end the session earlier than the 45 minutes. If you are kicked out because of connectivity issues, log right back in. If you keep getting kicked out, please email your teachers right away so that they do not mark you absent.

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Teachers will be taking attendance during live sessions during all periods including advisory. Both Google Meets and TEAMS collect attendance, which teachers will download and record on Infinite Campus on the same day. Just like if you were on campus, anyone who is marked absent will receive a robocall from the district reminding your parents to present a note to verify the absence. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to email your teachers and ask what was missed. Alternatively, check your classrooms to see what assignments you need to make up.

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Yes, all school rules apply in distance learning. It is important that you follow all behavior expectations that your teachers will teach you. We call this Netiquette. Below are two sets of pictures that you need to apply every day when attending your online classes.

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Bullying / Cyberbullying / Harassment are actions that we take seriously. If you or one of your parents report that you are a victim of bullying, we will investigate report or complaint fully. If you are found to have been the person doing said act, you will be given appropriate consequences including suspension and/or expulsion, depending on the severity of the act. Please read the policy below regarding these types of incidents. The question we focus on during our investigation is: What did the student PERCEIVE the action to be?”

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If you missed the iPad distribution dates, please refer to the information below to schedule an appointment with IT. More information about this make up date with be forthcoming.

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Where can I get help?

Our curriculum and instruction department has created a parent and student page where you can get resources and support for distance learning.
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We will be distributing food to our SOM students on Tuesday, August 4th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm by the front parking round about. You will need to have your barcode and ID number in order to get your food. Please read the job aides below to access your barcode. Barcodes for each SUHSD student will be required to pick up meals.

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Complete Registration Process

Registration Information/ Información de matriculación

Thank you for your patience regarding the process for registration. With our current situation, all schools had to make adjustments on how to proceed with registration process. It is now time to complete the registration process by submitting the necessary paperwork. Please note, there are different documents required for incoming 7th graders/new 8th graders and those returning 8th graders. Please access our website for further instructions: som@sweetwaterschools.org for links to submit paperwork.

Student Registrations/ Información de matriculación

  • CURRENT Southwest Middle School students and parents can start doing ON-LINE Residency Clearance as long as you have your Infinite Campus Username and Password. For any NEW student registration (new students to Southwest Middle School) please read the information below:

  • Familias que tienen alumnos que ya están inscritos este año, pueden iniciar la verificación de residencia en linea (ON-LINE) sí saben su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Para nuestros nuevos estudiantes favor de seguir las instrucciones adjuntas. Gracias.
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California State Law requires that all students entering school show proof of immunization as part of the enrollment process. Per SDCOE, all immunization requirements must be met prior to 1st day of enrollment to public school, virtual or otherwise. We will need our parents/caregivers to submit immunizations prior to 8/3/2020 for all incoming 7th graders and new 8th graders to be able to start at Southwest Middle. Please scan or take a photo of your complete immunization record and email it to the school nurse at MaryAnn.Tamayo@sweetwaterschools.orgor drop off from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm Monday - Friday this week.

La ley del estado de California requiere que todos los estudiantes que ingresen a la escuela muestren prueba de inmunización como parte del proceso de inscripción. La Oficina de Educación del Condado de San Diego (SDCOE*) establece que se debe cumplir con todos los requisitos de vacunación antes del primer día que alumno asiste a la escuela pública, virtual o de otro tipo. Necesitaremos que nuestros padres /tutores presenten las vacunas antes del 8/3/2020 para todos los estudiantes de séptimo grado y nuevos estudiantes de octavo grado que ingresen a Southwest Middle. Puede enviar el comprobante por correo electrónico a la enfermera de la escuela (sacar una copia o foto) MaryAnn.Tamayo@sweetwaterschools.orgo en puede entrega una copia esta semana de lunes a viernes.


——–How to Apply——–

Online Application

To participate in the National School Lunch Program please complete a Free or Reduced price meal application for your child(ren).

Online applications may be completed on the Parent Portal, which keeps data secure, confidential and ensures that the application is completely filled out. This accelerates the application review process and determination of your child’s eligibility status. You may complete and submit an application here.

>>To learn how to fill out an online application, click here for the Power Point Tutorial.

As of right now, Paper applications are NOT available.

NOTICE: On July 1, 2020 SUHSD increased the Paid Lunch Meal Price to $3.10 and Paid Breakfast Meal Price to $1.90.

Please note: Free, reduced and full paid meals are served using an automated accounting system that protects the privacy of all students.

——–Cómo solicitar——–

Solicitud en línea

Para participar en el Programa Nacional de Almuerzos Escolares, favor de llenar una solicitud de comida gratuita o a precio reducido para su hijo (a) o sus hijos (as).

Las solicitudes en línea se pueden llenar en el Portal para padres de familia, el cual mantiene los datos seguros y confidenciales y garantiza que la solicitud se complete en su totalidad. Lo anterior acelera el proceso de revisión de la solicitud y para determinar el estatus de elegibilidad de su hijo (a). Puede llenar y enviar la solicitud aquí.

>>Para informarse sobre cómo llenar la solicitud en línea, favor de hacer clic aquí y consultar el tutorial incluido en la presentación en Power Point.

Hasta el momento, NO contamos con solicitudes en papel.

AVISO: El 1° de julio de 2020, SUHSD aumentó el precio del almuerzo a $ 3.10 dólares y el precio del desayuno a $ 1.90 dólares.

Recuerde: las comidas gratuitas, a precio reducido, o que se pagan en su totalidad, se sirven mediante un sistema de contabilidad automatizado que protege la privacidad de todos los alumnos.

Southwest Middle School Website/ Nuestra página de internet

Southwest Middle School's Website

Please refer to this page if you need to contact our administration or one of our teachers. Thank you.

Distance Learning Schedule