Digital Badging

February 2017 Issue 12

2016-17 Badge Stats

Digital Badges Issued: 6007

Summit Badges Issued: 252

Schools and Programs Badging: 31

Community Endorsers: 29

Bright Spots

Teachers at Peoria Elementary are getting into the Badging spirit this month. Stephanie Nicolino and Mandi Macias have both planned out ways for their students to earn Badges, whether it's though building simple machines with legos or even though their hard work within student council. Third grade teacher, Carie Farneti also has built in some amazing badge earning opportunities for her students as she has connected their Science Fair project to the APS Critical Thinking Summit Badge. Way to go Bulldogs!

Dartmouth's Christein Leiper recently introduced badging into her class. Cristein felt it was important for her students to understand and own the process. After learning about Credly all of her students learned the process of applying and attaching evidence. Christein empowered her 3rd grade class to apply for badges on their own.

Endorser Highlight - Mobile TV Group

Do you have students who like sports and technology? Recording and producing the video feeds at sporting events nationwide, MobileTV Group combines both of those passions just feet away from the action. If your students earn the Information Literacy Summit Badge, the students may have the opportunity to tour one of these mobile tv units, or may even be able to visit your class and talk to your students about how they incorporate informational technology into their daily life.

Program Updates

Interested in knowing how many Digital Badges you have issued so far? Once you're logged into Credly, click on created in the middle of your page to access your badges, then click on reports. This is a great way to get a snapshot of how many badges/which badges you have issued so far this year.
Running Reports in Credly

Click here to open up the "Running Reports in Credly" help sheet

In the News

This month, Sheryl Grant, badging enthusiast, writes a report on the progress this innovative field has made over the past 5 years. She quotes the APS Digital Badge program as being, "the most ambitious and innovative K-12 badging programs in the nation."
Promising Practices of Open Credentials

Click here to read Sheryl Grant's report.

Amanda Rose Fuller- Digital Badge Partner

Feel free to contact me with questions. I would love to stop by your room and listen for Badging opportunities or introduce Badging to your students.
Digital Badge Website

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