Come Meet Faith Bell

The author of the hit book The Life of the Byzantine Empire

What is this?

Come meet Faith Bell at Donny Wayne's Book Store on December 26th, 2012 starting at 1! Fist 100 people in line get a free copy of her new book. Also there will be food and a performance from Lincoln Park. Faith will aslo read The Life of the Byzantine Empire out loud to the first 200 guest! Get there so you can hear the exciting story of Byzantine life!

Faith Bell Meet And Great

Wednesday, Dec. 26th 2012 at 1pm

Donny Wayne's Book Store

Get there early because there will be traffic.

The Life of the Byzantine Empire

An exciting story that goes through the life of a inspiring empire. Meet Justinian and Theodora through this book and also go through intense battles. This book is for children 5 and up. It is very educational and fun!