Keep Calm and Finish Strong!

Monday Memo, May 16, 2016

Dates to Note:

Monday, May 16:
  • Primary Soccer Shots Cancelled!
  • Home Golf Match with Canterbury 5 pm @ Cobblestone
  • High School Webinar discussion 7 pm via Internet

Tuesday, May 17:

  • Lower Soccer Shots 3:35-4:15 pm behind LE
  • Last Positive Discipline Class with Brenda 6 - 7:30 pm @ Green Farmhouse

Wednesday, May 18:

  • Oak Farm Connects Skating Party 5-7 pm @ Skatin' Station in Auburn
  • Dessert Following Skating @ Bowls in Auburn

Friday, May 20-21:

  • High School Webinar discussion @ noon
  • Tall Oak Overnighter Friday @ 6 pm - Sat. @ 7:30 am.

Monday, May 23:

  • Primary Soccer Shots 3:30 pm - 4:10 pm behind Vic House

Megan's Minutes!

It is that time of year again!

Time for Evaluation Reviews. You will find the forms that you need to fill out on the W drive.

W:Quick Reference>Performance Evaluation>Spring Evaluation>

Faculty use:

Teacher Year End and Reflection Plan Form

Admin use:

Admin Year End and Reflection Plan Form

  • We will be scheduling reviews for the dates of May 22 - June 11 for Faculty and June 5 - June 11 for Admin.
  • Please schedule your appointment through Nan, there will be a sign up sheet at the front desk at the Vic House.

Lunch is served!

On Friday May 27, The classrooms will be having a last day of the year potluck in the classrooms. Jill will be providing the protein and the classrooms will be providing the rest. Please let Jill know no later than Thursday, May 19th, if your classroom will be participating! Bon Appetit!

Faculty Celebration Lunch May June 3rd!

Friday, June 3rd at Noon we will be having a Faculty Celebration Luncheon. Jill will be providing lunch. During this time we would like to invite you to share some successes, things to look forward to for next year, and some acknowledgements.

Calling interested teachers of all walks!

Not sure what you are going to do with your summer? MLK Montessori School in Fort Wayne is looking for teachers to help with their 6 week summer camp series. Summer Camp starts June 13th, if you are interested, please give Greta McKinnley a call at 260-423-4333.

A Bit With Brenda.....

Brenda is working on writing Educational Support Summaries for students that have current Action Plans and are transitioning to the next level. That way next years teachers will have documentation of goals and strategies (both successful and unsuccessful strategies) that can help guide planning for that particular individual student for the 2016-17 school year. Brenda will make sure that information is delivered to teachers before the beginning of next school year.

A Second with Sarah.....

August CPR Training

The annual CPR training will be held on August 2nd & 16th. If your certification is expiring, please be sure to sign up for one of the dates listed. See the list below of faculty required to attend. If you have a specific date that works better for you, it is encouraged that you sign up soon. It is first come, first serve. There are only 3 spots remaining for Aug. 16th. If you feel that your name should be on the list or should not be on the list, please contact Sarah S-C as soon as possible.

Andrea Deihl

Angie Black

Bonnie Fortune

Candy Slabaugh

Debbie Kovets

Diana McCreery

Elizabeth Green

Janet Canino

Jill Hoffelder

Jodi Lambert

Kim Green

Lisa Held

Lori Zacharias

Nancy Bradtmiller

Nancy Hathaway

Nefy Hathaway

Patrick Cole

Sandy Knox

Sarah Holland

Susan Dieli

Tia Matney

Tracy Reincke

Hola! Spanish Anyone?

Wish you could speak better Spanish? Flor Ortega is offering a Spanish class for Adults next year. If you are interested, Flor needs confirmation on who would like to join and when would be a good time to meet for all. She will be having a meeting before the end of the school year to knock out the fine details. Muchas Gracias!!

Small Fry Banter....

Two students talking....

"You can't get married at 14, but you can have a girlfriend!"

-Red Barn

Kickin' it with Kelly!

Last Reminder:

It's that time of year again to start thinking ahead to next school year. I'm taking paper orders and glove orders for your classroom needs so they can be ordered at a better price and available to you that first day of teacher work week. Please email me the quantity you need for your classroom/building for each of these two products. Right now paper is $24.99/case (which is $3 less then previous years).

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!


It is time to sign up for Fall 2016-17 CC. If you are interested, reply to this email.

CC is open to students who will be in 5th through 8th grades for the 2016-17 school year.

Registration due date is May 27th.


Are you interested in playing soccer for the Fall 2016-17 Oak Farm Falcons soccer team? We have many signed up already! If you are interested, reply to this email before we fill up. It is a first come first serve team. Flyers were sent home with students who will be in 5th through 8th grades for the 2016-17 school year. Registration due date is May 27th.


Opportunity From East Noble:

Its that time of year again! Almost Football season! Make sure and get registered for this years Knights Youth FB Camp..



Date: June 13th -16th

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
: East Noble HS Varsity FB Field
: Boys Entering 1st-8th Grades
Lunch is provided
Please register online or print form and return form

The Importance of Disaster Prevention....



1. Call the head of School to report a weapon. Include the following:

  • Name of individual suspected of bringing the weapon
  • Location of weapon
  • Whether the suspect made any threats to harm themselves or someone else
  • Any other relevant details

2. If the weapon is in your classroom or immediate presence, discretely notify a fellow faculty member. Do not leave the classroom or area.

3. If directed to do so, arrange for the suspect to be escorted to a private location

If the suspect threatens you with a weapon, do not attempt to disarm the suspect. 4. 4. Back away with your arms up. Try to remain calm. Evacuate the immediate area with all other students, faculty, and visitors.

A Moment with Macy....

Faculty Childcare for Work Week

Do you need it? If so, let Macy know ASAP... like by last Friday, but I will extend this to Wednesday, May 18! THANK YOU!

Yearbooks - delivered!

Yearbooks are here, and will be sorted and placed in your mailboxes TOMORROW (Tuesday.) Please don't wait too long to pass these out. Fair warning that they may be a distraction to your class, so make sure you have some guidelines ready (when they can look at them, when they can collect signatures, etc.) PLEASE SEND THESE HOME THIS WEEK! We want to be sure that all who is expecting one will get one! Also - please have every child write their name in their book ASAP - in case any are left around the classroom/campus (can you tell we deal with this over the summer: "my child left the yearbook in the cubby and now it isn't there.... soooo, can we have another one?!")

We still have copies available - so if anyone asks... please ask them/their parents to send din $25 to Nan with a note that it is for yearbook!

After School Clubs 2016-2017

You all know your students better than I do! Do you know of any topics that they would LOVE to have offered as an afterschool club for next year? I would like to have the whole year secured by August so we can communicate it with parents and I won't have to bother you all with details and such once the year begins!

Maybe YOU are interested in offering a club?! Maybe you have a friend or relative who would like to offer a club?! Maybe you know of someone or somewhere I should contact to offer a club?! If so, please contact me ASAP so we can get things rolling. There is finanical compensation for clubs - so bring on the fun, and I will make sure you get paid!

Skating Party - Wednesday, May 18 @ 5-7

Are you going?! Rememebr we can also get the school a little extra money by stopping in to Bowls in Auburn for a cool sweet treat anytime on Wednesday! :)

Skatin' Station in Auburn... where familes connect and wheels roll!

Bendin' it with Bridget!

THE PLAY'S THE THING- Remember our MS will be performing 2 one act plays in the MS dining hall this MAY 26 at 6:00- "Uncool" at 6:45- "The Great Pandemonium". Students will stay after school that Thursday and be provided dinner. Please invite any family and friends that are interested.

Art and Music Minute....

Upper Elementary students have spent time comparing and contrasting 2 pieces of music: Four Seasons Concerto:Spring by Antonio Vivaldi from the Baroque period & Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky from the Modern/20th Century period.
It's Spring! (Spring, from The Four Seasons, Vivaldi)
Big image

May Birthdays!

Ben Bollinger: May 5th

Michal Miller: May 21st

Debbie Kovets: May 24th

Kim Green & Meghan Dohring: May 28th