Marshall Islands

By: Marshall Marlow

Fast Facts

Marshall Islands is from the continent of Oceania, and is 7063.69 miles away from Washington D.C. Marshall Islands has a population of 72,191 people and has the area of 70 Sq Mi. The capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro. Most people from Marshall Island speak Marshallese, but some do speak English, but are not very fluent at it. Most Marshallese are Christian and Protestant.


The agricultural products that are grown consist of: Coconuts, Bananas, Breadfruit, Limes, Taro, Pumpkin, and Papaya. During feasts or funerals, you can usually find them eating Fish, Chicken, and Pork. The Marshallese's bevarages include: Coconut Water, Coconut Sap, and Coffee. The imported food the people of Marshall Island are Rice, Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, and Canned Meats. A common meal they eat is; Rice, Fried Chicken, and Fish or a can of Corned Beef. Marshallese usually eat their food by hand.

Climate and Temperature.

During the period of Dec-Apr, the climate is Hot & Windy. The time period of May-Nov, there is calm waters, and high precipitation. The average temperature at Marshall Island is 84 Degrees F, while the night temperature is 10 Degrees less.


The recreation of Marshall Island is visiting family or friends, watching videos, playing video games or cards. Popular Sports they play are: Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, and Canoe Racing. Every 4 years, a game event called "Micronesian Games" is held. The games consist of Track & Field, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Canoe Racing, and Spear Fishing. Athletes from Marshall Island, Guam, Kiribati, Paula, and 4 Micronesian states compete to win.

What I Would See and Do

If I were to go to Marshall Island, i would be found watching the Micronesian Games, or playing games with friends. Probably both. I would also try to learn some Marshallese and make new friends, i would also try some of the food there.

Credit & Source

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