7A Newsletter

November/December 2015


In an effort to keep 7A parents (and students) informed and up-to-date about what is happening in each of our classes, our team has decided to start a monthly newsletter. We are definitely in initial stages of organizing these notices, so suggestions are encouraged. Please feel free to email the team via Mrs. DeMeo at kdemeo@medford.k12.ma.us

Upcoming Important Dates:

Tuesday, November 24: Test in ELA on The Wednesday Wars

Wednesday, November 25: Early dismissal at 11:30 a.m.

What's Happening on 7A?

ELA - November/December

We are busy wrapping up our first in-class novel, The Wednesday Wars. The students have enjoyed reading about seventh grader, Holling Hoodhood, navigating his way through life against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and various other events of the 1960s. The book also focuses on Holling's experience with reading several Shakespeare plays. To better understand this, we actually read and performed the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet in class. We will have a test on this novel next Tuesday, November 24.

During the first week of December, we will begin our first essay. It will be an expository essay in which the students will be asked to explain what a "perfect day" entails. As always, we will be going through the steps of the writing process in class: brainstorming, planning, drafting, revising and editing. I provide graphic organizers for the planning stage and checklists for revising and editing, since students are still learning about and developing these skills.

After we finish the essay, we will begin reading/performing The Miracle Worker in class. This is a three-act play based on the early childhood of Helen Keller. Students will be asked to use costumes and props in class to enhance this experience. Stay tuned for more information on this!