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should students listen to music in class ?

students should listen to music in class

most teenagers work better with music because when they work they have to focus and hearing people talk and having conversation does not help them focus , so using head phones blocks all of that out so you can focus and listen to something that's interesting to them .


Most people focus more when they have music to concentrate have you noticed that most people at the gym our exercising with there ear buds in that's how they stay focused and also this is how us aka the students focus more.


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My point i'm trying to make here is to let students listen to music in class it will help them focus and get their work done faster it may increase their grades music is actually away for them to focus so they will not be disturb or bored and day dream so i think we should be able to listen to music in class not just for our own selves also for the teachers so more of their students get higher grades.