Hollywood Diet

By: Austin Masters

What is the Hollywood Diet?

The Hollywood Diet is when you stop eating and drinking for 24 to 48 hours and get all your body's nutritive needs from a Juice drink.

What's in the beverage?

The juice contains water, pineapple, apple, orange, grape, peach, apricot and banana juices combined with vitamins and a blend of essential oils, including bergamot, tangerine, lemon and orange.

Pros and Cons of Diet?

Pros Of Hollywood Diet

  • You lose weight.

Cons Of Hollywood Diet

  • You aren't allowed to eat anything at all while on this diet.
  • Your calorie intake will drop from 2000 to just 400 calories.

Nutritional Values of the Hollywood Diet?

Their are 100 calories in this diet.

My personal opinion?

In my opinion I don't think this would be a good diet for you because you aren't eating anything for 1 to 2 days.