Einsteins 20s makes it Finestein

by zack carr

A Drop of Einteins Past

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14, 1879. He received his doctorate degree in 1905. Albert Einstein was that theoretical physicist and a politician as well as a devout jew.

In the 1920s he started to meet and discuss the theory of relativity Albert Einstein also lived in Berlin where he was famous for being in the weekly visits colloquim at the University of Berlin 1921 was his first visit to the United States where he began to construct his paper on unified field theories he also contributed to the French and German relations during this time. In 1925 he made a trip to South America where he worked and signed the manifesto against military. In 1927 he began says disputes over quantum mechanics with a well known scientists

Einsteins other famous work

Albert Einstein was a leading figure in the world's governments movement during World War II. He also declined the presidency in Israel to open his Hebrew University. Albert Einstein was issued the Nobel prize award on March 30, 1921. However it was not on his theory of relativity, but his earlier works that was not a controversy in the scientific world. Later that year he lectured in New York regarding his theory of relativity. Albert Einstein was an author of many scientific papers which he later donated to his university in Jerusalem.