Andrew Jackson

No Regrets!

The Corrupt Bargain

In the Presidential Election of 1824, Andrew Jackson had the most votes, but failed to get a majority. The decision then went to Congress,specifically the House of Representatives, to pick between the Candidates with the two highest total votes, John Quincy Adams (Son of John Adams, our second president) and Andrew Jackson. John Quincy Adams struck a deal with Henry Clay, speaker of the house, in which Henry Clay would sway the votes in the house, and in exchange, John Quincy Adams would make Henry Clay is Secretary of State. Andrew Jackson felt this was unfair.

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson wanted the natives land in Georgia. So, he gave them 2 years to leave their land with assistance from the U.S. to get to their new land in Oklahoma.They refused and did the american thing. Sued Georgia in the supreme court. The ruling favored the natives and said that they were solely entitled to their land. Jackson ignored this ruling and forcefully moved them to Oklahoma. The journey there was in one of the harshest winters ever, and 4,000 natives died.

Spoils System

During Andrew Jackson's presidential campaign, he promised people government positions. All they had to do was support him. Once he was elected office in 1828, he cleaned out all the former employees, and hired all his supporters. They weren't always the most qualified for the job, but the supported him and agreed with him on key topics.