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Technology in the classroom


Cecilia Davis, Laura Lara, Patricia Amador, Reuben Galceran, Juan Estrada, and Armando Aguirre
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What it is: Padlet is an online bulletin board where people can add content in the form of images/videos, documents or text in real time, from any device.

Click here to go to Padlet.

Read Write and Think

What it is: A place to find resources that guide students when reading or writing.

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Tagul and Vocaroo

Tagul is a word cloud creator that can animate each vocabulary word and link to sites, images or sound.

Vocaroo is a tool that allows user to record anything and create a link to embed or download.


What it is: Resource for studying any content. You can create or research flashcards of a certain topic and Quizlet will create several ways to study the content.


What it is: Smore is an electronic flyer creator. People can add text, links and images to enhance the electronic flyer.

Click here to create a Smore account and begin your assignment.


Plickers is an assessment tool that you can use with one mobile device in the classroom.

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