land and climate ,hitory and goverment.

It is Covering 29,120 square miles. Volcanic activity has made the soil very fertile in some areas.The average temp is 80 55 degrees. Columbus claimed the area for Spain in 1502. Yellow fever claimed more than 20,000 lives.In November 1903, Panama declared independence from Colombia.Panama is a multiparty democracy. Presidents serve five-year terms. All citizens are required by law to vote beginning at age 18.
Day 1,
I will fly to Mexico ,and to panama.The rest of the day is to rest.
Day 2,
I whent diving it cost 72$
Day 3
I wen fishing 20$ won
Day 4
I pool all day 36$
Day 5
played in the pool 0$
Day 6
rest for to marrow 0$
Day 7
Fly to Mexico to Nevada