human rights in china

help china get the rights they deserve

human rights in china

in china people our suffering from laws such as women are not allowed to have two children and alos in china if you try to fight the laws youll be punished. i know this because in there was a lawer in china who helped the poor the chinees government got mad and placed him under house arrest for 4 years his family was beat but then he escaped.

how to help in china

in china many people are fighting trying to get fair treatment places such as protesters in a place called taiwan or better know as the exile city many people are are standing up for freedom one person said "life here is terrible day after day people are attacked some die and many are beat". you can help by fighting with them too tell your friends what happens in china and compare to here life there is much worse they need help they need your help.

here some people who have already decied to help

you could save many peoples lives

child policy 1

in china there is a policy that say's "women are not allowed to have more than one child per person" this affects the lives of people because if a women has two children one will have to be taken away some might be killed orhters put up for adoption so this makes it so people are coonected through blood alot more.

this is china human rights

please help the people of china get the fair treatment they deserve