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Bomb is a book about how America, Germany, Japan, Russia, and many more countries. Were involved in the building, making, and stealing of the atomic bomb.

Some pictures of the bomb being made

This book is great for you if your researching

More about the book

In "Bomb" it tells how people from all over traveled to other countries just to get information in the bomb. They were practically living separate lives, they couldn't even tell there family about what they were doing. Sometimes they would have to lie just to go to a different country to get the information they needed. If your doing research this book gives out tons of information on what happened during this time period.

Bomb Steve Sheinkin

Seriously read the book! It will blow your mind with all the information on not only the bomb, but people in the book.

Theme of the book

The theme of the book would probably be, fear. In one part of the book someone is trying to steal information on the bomb, when they are about to get caught by someone who walks in they feel fear. In another part America felt fear when we could have lost the bomb. But mostly Hiroshima felt fear when they were getting attacked.
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In summary bomb was a great book to do research on, and also to read. It gave me a lot of information on certain things. But it still gave a lot of detail. Some of the stories in the crazy things that people had to do to make the bomb work were mind blowing. I think the book was great.

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