Rodolpho Parigi and Rodolfo Amoedo

By Adi Chintalapudi and Hudson Brock

Rodolpho Parigi

A modern artist in Brazil, Rodolpho Parigi creates abstract art with vibrant colors and very unique and innovative designs. His many works include Dark room, Magenta project, Magenta drawings, Abstract nerveux, Concrete blonde, Gold maps, Florais, Limite, Apropri_Acao, and Hibridos

Some of the works of Rodolpho Parigi

Rodolfo Amoedo

His interest in art and decoration began when a family friend (who was a lyricist) invited him to do work on the now defunct Teatro São Pedro. In 1873, he enrolled at the "Liceu de Artes e Ofícios do Rio de Janeiro", where he studied with Victor Meirelles. The following year, and became very skilled at this profession.

Some works of Rodolfo Amodoe


Much like the folk artist Rodolfo Amedo, Rodolpho Parigi is an artist that followed his passion and created Art for a living. They were both painters, designers, decorators instead of strictly just being painters. Also both of these artists worked and studied in Paris, France.