Charlee Hayden


Cleisthenes introduced ostracism by which the assembly could exile from Athens anyone who abused there citizenship.The tyrants who ruled Athens were expelled in 510 b.c enabling Cleisthenes to take control of the city.In the year 508 Cleisthenes introduced reforms that re organized the government of Athens,he divided Attica into 139 villages.In the year 501 reforms strengthened the democratic system.Military command was transferred to a board of ten generals elected by the people.Athenian citizens voted on a wide range of domestic and foreign matters.For the citizens,democracy meant equality and freedom,citizens had a right to participate equally in the political life of the city and the right to live there lives.

How did this system of government impact the development of the U.S government?

Formerly,the council of the arcopagus which consisted of former archons,chose the nine archons each year.This was a self perpetuating system that ensured that the office of archon was held only by aristocrats.Another long term contribution Athens created was coined money.They began coining money and later on the U.S government caught on and began using our currency of dollars and coins.Athens also gave its citizens a certain amount of legal rights which included everyone under its power.Now,in current U.S government,we have our rights listed in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill or Rights.