Honshu, Japan

By: Michael Monson

Why People Want To live In Honshu

Honshu is Japans biggest island it is bigger than Britain. About three-fourths of Japans main land is located on Honshu with major cities, towns, and the capital Tokyo. Around 98,352,000 people live on Honshu. A lot of people want to live in Honshu because of high income, but you get paid in Japaneses yens. They also have very safe cities to live and some people want to go there to see the culture and holidays. The main reason people want to live there is because of the technologically advanced and have all the new technology. They also have good hospitality and some people like to see all the lights they have at night. It is strait east of Asia. The exact location of Honshu, Japan latitude 36.000 N longitude 138.000 E.

Tectonic Plates and Boundrys by Honshu

Honshu sits on four tectonic plates that are always moving. Honshu also lies directly on the boundary line called the Ring Of Fire were the most deadly earthquakes and volcanoes happen. Honshu sits on the Eurasian Plate. The Pacific plate to the east is moving toward Honshu and is being forced under Honshu at what is know as the Japan Trench, in which causes them to have earthquakes and volcanic activity. Other plates around Honshu is the Okhotsk Plate, Amur Plate, and the Philippine’s Plate. With all these plates being forced under each other it is causing many earthquakes and volcanic activity for Japan. Japan is on a convergent bounder because the plates are pushing agents each other till one finally goes under the one. Being on a convergent boundary it will cause earthquakes when the one finally goes under the one because of the pressure being released. Also it will make earthquakes because when the one goes under it will cause land for such as volcanoes to form.

Why Honshu is Dangerous

Japan is one of the most dangerous places to live because it sits right on the Ring Of Fire and that is where a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes happen. It also has four different plates right by it that are all pushing agents each other till one go’s under the other and cause earthquakes and volcanoes. Also Honshu can experience around a minimum of 2000 earthquakes per year that they can feel, but if you count the ones they can’t feel it would be more like 7500 earthquakes. They also have around 20 different volcanoes on Honshu and 10 of them are still active. Two years ago Honshu experienced a 9.03 magnitude earthquake that killed 15888 people and injured 6878. After the earthquake a large tsunami hit Honshu with waves that were 40.5 meter high. The earthquake was devastating and took months to clean up, but the earthquake and tsunami hit some chemical plats which caused them to seep out hazardous material. They don’t know if another big earthquake will hit Honshu and kill and destroy as many things as the last one.