OMS Library Update

October 2018

By the Numbers

Total Classes/Groups in Library: 123

Classes for Checkout: 43

Books Checked Out: 1,966

Books Placed on Hold: 16

Students Requesting Computer Assistance: 131

Staff Requesting Computer Assistance: 50

Classes for Computer Updates: 6th grade & 8th grade

Student with Top Checkouts: Harmony K (Mr. Noteboom's homeroom)

Top Homeroom for Checkouts: Mr. Noteboom's homeroom

Students in Library Before School: Average 20 Daily

SSR Sessions: 13

BOLTs for Technology Issues: 247 (created in the library)

Library Calendar

Just a reminder that everyone can view the Media Center Google calendar. This allows teachers to check availability before requesting library time.

Computer Reminders

  • Please remind students to shut down their student devices at least once a week. Please help them understand that closing the lid is not the same as shutting down.
  • Please shut down your computer at least once a week so it can stay current on updates.
  • Please do not share your password with others (including substitute teachers).

Our Library

The OMS library is open from 7:05-3:45 daily. Ms. Tremble and Ms. Sturdivant are excited to help students find books, 3D print, and use their technology. Maker Club meets before school in the library each day. Battle of the Books meets on Wednesday afternoons (3:15-4:00).