Andrew Jackson is a Zero.

Andrew Jackson is a zero in his serve as the president.

Reason 1:

In 1838 and 1839 during Andrew's serving he put down a policy that the Cherokee nation was forced to give up it's land east of the Mississippi, and to migrate to an area in Oklahoma. Which was called the Trail of Tears, there was no reason to take it's land, Andrew Jackson could of settled with the land he already had. All the people that lived in that territory had to move on, and had to survive until they found another place to stay.

Reason 2:

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by Andrew on May 28, 1830. It was a law that authorizing the president to grant the unsettled land West of the Mississippi for exchange of Indian land.

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Reason 3:

Reason 3:

The Nullification Crisis was not something that the people needed for Andrew Jackson to go do. There was no reason for Andrew to go and protest the rights of each state. Each state had their own rights, and that law was broken by Andrew, just because he didn't want the states to nullify the federal laws.