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March 28, 2014


Compare and Contrast

We are continuing to determine importance in non-fiction articles. This past week, we read two articles: Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems. We determined important facts about each author and compared and contrasted them. We then had a debate on who is the better author and why. Our little readers began by deciding which author they liked and picked a side. For those who liked both authors, they sat in the middle while our teams tried to sway them to their side with facts about each author.

They had a lot of fun, learned a lot and really enjoyed the debate. In fact, they have requested that we debate more often!


We are also learning about biographies and reading about many famous people. Soon we will write our own biography report.


Time and Story Problems

We have been working on telling time and solving as well as writing our own story problems.

Writing Our Own Story Problem

Math with Buddies

Our mathematicians showed their 6th grade buddies just how fast they are at their math facts.

Word Work and Grammar

Long Vowels

Our word masters love working with word sorts. This week we were working on long "a" sounds (ail, ain, ake, ale, etc.).

What makes a sentence?

We have been working on what makes a sentence. Our kiddos worked with partners (one was the noun, and the other was the verb) and they made up silly sentences.

Forming Relationships and Building Character

Kid President

We are continuing to build our character and relationships. Our kiddos just love Kid President! Every morning, we dance and we give each other a high-five and tell each other that we are AWESOME!

I love to hear throughout the day, someone quote Kid President...and they do! I hear quite often someone say to a friend, "It's okay to disagree." or "Sometimes you get ice cream and sometimes you don't."

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often