The Expedtion

Sackackawea by Tierney Howell

Early Years & Birth

Sackackawea was born in 1788 in Eastern Idaho. Sackackawea stayed by her mothers side to learn. She did not see her father much because he was head hunter and chief.

Family & Hobbies

Sackackawea's hobbies were gardening and weaving. Her family was Cameahwait her brother, Baptiste her son, Lizette her daughter, Charbonneau her husband, and Otter woman Charbonneau's other .
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Sackackawea didn't have much education. Her education was to her by her mother. Her mother taught her how to make baskets, and robes, to garden and many other things.

Before The Expedition

Before the expedition Sackacakwea was captured by the Hidatsa tribe and taken to there home. Sackackawea soon learned there customs and how to speak there language. When Sackackawea turned 16 she married Tousaint Charbonneau.

The Expedition

When Louis and Clark came to pick up Charbonneau and Sackackawea they found out that Sackackawea was pregnant. When they started Sackackawea found food for the men to eat like berries and fruit. When they went by water Charbonneau lost control of the boat and all the materials were flying out of the boat. Why Charbonneau was freaking out Sackackawea with baby Baptiste on her back grabbed almost all the supplies.


Sackackawea's career was navigating and translating on the Corps of Discovery.
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After The Expedition & Death

Sackackawea died Dec. 22, fighting a disease. Exactly 1 week after she had Lizette Sackackawea died.

Impact and Accomplishments

Sackackawea's Impact is this report she changed my life because she showed you can do anything. Her accomplishments were saving supplies with a baby on her back. Being the only girl on the Corps of Discovery. Helping translate and navigate



1804- met Louis and Clark

1805- gave birth to Baptiste

May 1805- Sackackawea save supplies

June 1805- Sackackawea became very ill.

August 1805- Sackackawea reunites with her brother

December 10 -birth to Lizette

December 20 - death


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