Endangered and Extinct Species

Morgan Whitfield


  • Fiercest, most powerful, and largest cat in the western hemisphere
  • 4-7 feet long, stand 3 feet high
  • Very good hunter, can swim well, camouflages itself in whatever environment
  • More than 80 different kinds of prey, terrestrial and aquatic

  • #1 threat is humans: sport, fur, protection of livestock
  • "Tiger hunters" on large Mexican ranches
  • Poaching
  • Habitat destruction

  • Federal Endangerment Species Act
  • Report poaching
  • Spread awarenes
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Located in the Americas: Texas, Arizona(Cerrro Colorado Mountains), southern California, New Mexico, rain forests in Central and South America
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Christmas Heliconia(U.S.)

  • Flower during the holidays
  • Red and white flowers

  • Natural habitat converted for ag purpose

  • Genetic diversity has been preserved through ex situ conservation
  • Growing popularity has helped spark an interest, now much more numerous
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Native to Brazil, but moved to the US Botanical Garden when they started becoming extinct

Amur Leopard(World)

  • Very strong, fast, and can jump far/high
  • Very smart(unfinished prey)
  • Life span 10-15 years in the wild

  • "Far East Leopard, Manchurian Leopard, or Korean Leopard"
  • Two main factors: prey scarcity and illegal wildlife trade
  • $500 and $1000 fur coat was recovered

  • Antipoaching brigade
  • Protected area(safe haven)
  • Reducing logging and deforestation practices
  • Expanding area of protection
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Got their name because of their location
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