Super Plutonium Man

The Story of the Most Powerful Super Hero

An Unexpected Hero

Super Plutonium Man was born to a couple of criminals. They were reckless and left the baby on his own for days, or some times even weeks. He grew up on the streets, he had to steal food to survive. He grew alongside his friends, other criminals his age. Together they terrorized the streets of New Los Chicoangeles.

A Sudden Change In Events

One day, he was chasing down a fleeing shop owner who had escaped with the food he was about to steal. The pursuit led him to a nuclear power plant. He spotted the man with the food. He was running down the steps when he tripped on his shoe laces hit the floor and was knocked out. He went flying into a huge tub of nuclear waste. When he woke up he was in the hospital, slowly healing. The doctors found it strange. How could have possibly have survived? He had been lying in the tub for hours and the only thing wrong was the concussion he received from the fall. When Super Plutonium Man was released from the hospital, he realized that his friends abandoned him. They weren't in their usual hiding spots. They were nowhere to be found. He realized he had super powers. He didn't want to work alone, he didn't have anyone to help him. He realized that he should use is powers for good.

Special Abilities

He noticed he had five special abilities.

  • Slow aging
  • Can instantly damage someone with contact
  • Bullets don't damage him
  • Can withstand a lot of heat
  • Can resist high voltage