Pickle Phobia

By: Katie Cox & Hannah Beggs


  1. There is no technical name for the phobia of pickles and there is no real scientific reasoning that can substantiate such a fear.
  2. Most of these people, who have a phobia of pickles, are typically afraid of the chili taste or the mix of sourness, bitterness and sweetness that most pickles come with.
  3. In addition to the taste of the pickles, it is the texture and the ingredients that also instill or induce the fear.
  4. The phobia of pickles is one of the more unsubstantiated fears, phobia of pickles doesn't really have any scientific, physiological or psychological basis

A story about the phobia

I can't explain it, but I'm dead serious: I had a very real pickle phobia growing up. Not only would I not eat pickles, I would not eat anything that touched pickles. If a fast food joint put pickles on my hamburger I would have to fight back tears it was so crushing. In college I had an evil girlfriend that would throw them in my coke to see my psychotic reaction. Not kidding about a single bit of it. I should also note: Ironically, I was always okay with cucumbers. I'm over the phobia, mostly. I would still have to wash my hands if I picked up a pickle, but no disproportionate freakouts any more.