Vietnam Assignment

Amanda Tucci and Kelly Plyer


Counting Small-boned Bodies by Robert Bly

This poem is set in a sarcastic tone. Mocking the government because of its poor decision making resulting in many deaths.

The Things They Carried

This passage describes miscellaneous items and keepsakes soldiers carry around with them. Also it dives into certain soldiers personal lives and history.

Important Passages

Counting Small-boned Bodies

"If we could only make the bodies smaller"

This quote is an important passage because it is repeated multiple times in the poem and it shows the sarcastic tone in this poem.

The Things They Carried

"The things they carried were determined to some extent by superstition."

This quote is a great example as to some of the reasons why they carry some of the weird items around with them, Why they hold on to, wear, or keep in their pockets some of the odd items we read about.

Discussion Questions

Counting Small-boned Bodies

The message the author is trying to convey to the readers about war is that all the deaths that occurred were because of poor leadership from the government. The impact that the war had on people was huge, family's were stressed out and worried that their loved ones would come back in body bags, and soldiers who did make it had post traumatic stress disorders, most were never the same after the war.

The Things They Carried

The message the author was trying to convey to the readers was how much emotional and physical weight soldiers had to carry in the war. The impact the war had on people were insane, soldiers brought letters, clothing's of loved ones, and photos to keep them sane while at war. While loved ones only had to wait and hope their loved ones would arrive home safety.

Big image
This picture represents the bravery, courage and love soldiers had for those they served with, like the saying "No man left behind"
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (Lyric Video)
The song I choose was Fortunate Son By Creedence Clearwater Revival. I choose this song because its a great song that relates to the soldiers in the war, how the rich white people and those who have connections to the government are able to pay their way out of being drafted into the war. While most are unfortunate sons who have no choice and have to be sent to Vietnam.