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October 2015

Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Science 7 - Evaluating Information

This month, Ms. Schau and Ms. Sims have been working with each and every 7th grade student through their science classes. In this collaborative unit, students are learning about how research (or inquiry) is a regular part of life, and with the right tools, it can be easy!

Students learned about how scientists start their own scientific discovery process by reading the work of other scientists to build background - often articles in scientific journals. Students then explored some scientific magazines themselves, and discovered some scientific topics they'd be interesting in learning more about. We then introduced to them a database that makes searching thousands of journals at once a cinch - Ebsco Host. Students will use Ebsco Host throughout junior high, high school, and at most colleges.

But the focus of this unit is actually on evaluating information - how do we know what information is reliable and trustworthy? That's where the CRAAP Test comes in! Being able to evaluate information is a vital skill in our information rich world.

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Personal Development 7 - Analyzing Relationships

For many years, the librarians have collaborated with teachers of Personal Development on the unit focusing on relationships. In this unit, students learn what makes a relationship healthy, and then put their skills to the test through reflective writing. Each student is reading one of 16 novels, and using Google Classroom, is responding to questions in a group discussion about the relationships of which they are reading. Ms. Sims and Ms. Schau help students choose a novel through book talks, and help students get going using the technology to respond. This is just one way Teacher Librarians work with students and staff to improve learning.

Art Required Class - Artist Research Project

We have also collaborated with Dr. Arnone on the artist research project every trimester for many years. Using online resources like Britannica Online and EBSCO Host, students learn about an artist, take notes, and use their learning to create art in a similar style. Because Ms. Schau and Ms. Sims are so busy co-teaching other classes, we are able to deliver mini-lessons on accessing these resources and citing them using screen-cast videos. Organized within Google Classroom, students watch the videos that instruct them how to complete each step, and even take some brief quizzes to check for understanding along the way. This project is a great combination of art and important research skills like locating information, taking notes, and citing sources.

Curious to see what this looks like? Check out our YouTube Channel! And be sure to check out the SEJH Art Facebook page to see examples of the amazing work our students have created from their research!

Get your eBooks here!

You can access eBooks from all three of these sources provided by the Grant Wood AEA at home or at school.

Click the link below the pictures to access. Ask for the login information at the library!

Building a Positive School Culture

One part of the ICCSD school improvement plan is creating a safe and welcoming school culture. We feel that the library plays a big part in helping students to feel like a part of the SEJH community.

The library is a great place to come for learning new things and getting help, but we are also a place to gather with friends and colleagues. Our LEGO Building station and Makerspace are two areas that students gather in to be creative and work together. Our comfy seats give students a place to work quietly, read, or just relax. Our staff interacts with every student in the school, and we get the opportunity to form relationships that are supportive, friendly, and helpful.

We are also committed to keeping the library a safe space for students. We do not tolerate language that is hateful, bullying, or disrespectful of others. In our library expectations, we stress that the library is a gossip and hate-free zone, a place where everyone can feel welcome and valued.

What are SEJH students reading?

In the past month, students have checked out 2,389 books! The most popular category is Fiction at 68%, second is Graphic Novels at 15%, and the 900s section of nonfiction (history) is third at 5%.

The most popular titles right now are:

What do Little Hawks wonder?

Libraries support student curiosity and wonder through access to a wide variety of information, and providing instruction in how to find the answers to life's big questions. Recently, our library volunteers created a display of some of the questions Little Hawks have been wondering about.

What do you wonder?