Bucket List

by matthew lomon

The Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids! They are located in Giza, Egypt (hints where they got Giza from). This place has physical and chemical weathering. The physical is wind and other people stepping on the grounds of it, the chemical is acid rain that comes, not very often, but it still does. The erosion that happens with wind carrying the sand to the other pyramids

The Polynesian Triangle

The Polynesian Triangle is the 3 islands on the Pacific Ocean. I mainly want to go to the eastern island because that is where the most weathering happens. The physical weathering is wind and water from the shores. The erosion that takes place here is the wind carrying the rocks to the soil.

Rope Swinging

I got introduced to rope swinging in this class! I would like to go here because this looks fun to do and also the landscape looks incredible. This place is located in Moab, Utah. It is the largest rope swing in the world. The physical weathering is mostly wind, but it also can be water at some points. The erosion is the wind cutting at the surface of this place (also making the giant ring for swinging)

Sky Diving

There is a place in Austin, Texas where you can sky dive. I wish i could go now but im not old enough to go by my self nor have enough money... because Im broke. The weathering while sky diving is wind and gravity and the erosion is mainly wind.
Skydive Austin, Texas

The Colosseum

And finally, the Colosseum in Italy. This place has been around since 70 AD and is still here today! I would want to go to this place just to see what it was like back then. The weathering here is physical and chemical because of wind, acid rain, and gravity.

And the erosion is what it usually is.... wind.