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Weekly Atlas Updates


This component will use the SOLR search index to perform optimized search on Sterling order repository. This will replace the conventional way which CSRs access sterling web services to get back customer order data

Agent Dashboard (OMT-EPIC2)

Sterling Order Audit (OMT-EPIC3)

The Sterling Order audit would be turned off post 3A. This will ensure at optimization DB usage for Order Audit. For Details Refer

Async Archive retention days reconfigure (OMT-EPIC4)

The Atlas team will be revisiting all sterling processes for their retention days in the disintegration table. This exercise will be to revise the retention policy for messages/process name. For more details refer OMT-EPIC4

Other Platform Changes

> Japan Store Inventory (OMT-EPIC 5)

> PAC Nike audit message changes (OMT-EPIC6)

> Remove audits for FIN13 tax call (OMT-EPIC7)