Chicopee Tube Park experience

Waterloo Region Jewish Community Council

March 20 from 11am

There's no better place to experience the great outdoors with your family and friends than at Chicopee Tube Park. Join us for family fun!

This year we will be having Starbucks hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the adults as a nice free treat!

Chicopee tube park

1600 River Road East, Kitchener

Please register at

or in our Facebook group

Enjoy our discounted group rate - only $16 per person, instead of regular $21

In order to participate in snow tubing:

Dress warmmm!

In order to participate in snow tubing, you must be at least 42 inches tall AND at least 4 years old

Riders under 8 years of age must wear a helmet; personal CSA approved helmets are acceptable.

Proudly supported by WRJCC

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