Solar Cooker

Effect of infrared radiation on the water temperature

Solar Cooker Experiment

Experimental Outline

Title: To investigate the effect of Sun's infrared radiation on the water temperature.

Hypothesis: The temperature of the water in the solar cooker will increase.

Independent Variable: The location where the experiment is held.

Dependent Variable: The temperature of the water.

Constants: The solar cooker, the amount of water used, the type of thermometer used.

Control: NIL

Number of Trials: Three

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Materials and Methods

Step 1:

We read the instructions and distributed each person some materials to bring.

Step 2:

We brought the materials and watch the video on how to make the solar cooker with the materials.

Step 3:

We started making the solar cooker together using the material we brought.

Step 4:

After making the solar cooker, we discussed and planed on the location of the experiment, how the experiment should be done and the whole process of carrying out the experiment.

Step 5:

We record the starting temperature of the thermometer

Step 6:

Put the thermometer in the cup of water in the solar cooker and wait for 5min

Step 7:

Read and record the temperature.

Step 8:

Repeat step 5-7 2 more times at the same location

Step 9:

Carry out step 5-7 3 times at a different location

Step 10:

We distributed the work again by giving everyone something to type out and send to one of the group members.

Analysis and Discussion


The sun's infrared radiation cause the water in the solar cooker to increase in temperature, hence does not reject our hypothesis.

Possible scientific explanations for these results:

The black construction paper around the box and inside the box absorb the infrared radiation from the Sun, and heats up the the air inside the box. The aluminum foil on the cover of the shoebox will reflect the sunlight into the box, and the black construction paper under the cup of water will absorb the infrared radiation too, heating up the air inside the shoebox. The cling film at the opening of the shoebox will trap those heat inside the box, hence heating up the water inside as time passes by.


How can we modify the procedure further to improve accuracy or reliability of the experiment

We should change the water in the cup after each trial to make sure that the temperature of the water is the same at the beginning

Duty list and Acknowledgement

Duty list:

Gerald Ong- Video taking, video editing and making of flyers

Ng Jayden- Listing down the material and methods we use, creating the duty and acknowledgement list

HuaLin- Creating the experimental layout and completing the Analysis and Discussion section

Xin Yi- Recording data and completing the conclusion section


Special Thanks to

Mr Gary Lee for this guidance