Chapter 2

by Hannah S., Andrea S.

Earth's Structure

  • layers of the earth are inner core, outer core, mantle and crust
  • crust is made on plates that hold continents and oceans in place
  • plates form mountains when converging
  • they form canyons and valleys when diverging
  • they can form faults while transforming and rubbing
  • there is a zone of active volcanos and earthquakes called The Ring of Fire

Weathering and Erosion

  • Weathering is the process that breaks down sediment
  • erosion is the movement of the broken down sediment
  • there are two basic kinds of weathering Physical and chemical
  • Wind erosion involves the movement of dust, sand and soil
  • glaciers pick up rock and sediment while they are slowly moving
  • water erosion is when water flows and wears away sediment