Early Childhood Leadership

December 8, 2014

Goodness is the only investment that never fails ~ French Proverb

I am in Chicago today and tomorrow with Elizabeth Jordan and Rhonda Tata - we are participating in our Region 5 Leadership training. Hopefully you have gotten word that there is no leadership meeting today!

If you need to contact one of us, we will be getting email. I am also available by phone in case of emergency - just let Kim Warren know that you need to get a hold of me.

We need to set up training for our new 591-KIDS program with CCRESA. I expect all of our FE staff need that training and I am looking for a good group to help us with this transition. Please let me know which Friday in January will work. Another option may be MLK day.

I also need your help in reducing meal waste - Chevon at the Food Bank needs to know ahead of time when classes will be on a field trip. She can make bag lunches available if given enough notice. Classroom staff need to be monitored for appropriate attendence practices - missing the count on one day costs us extra in our food count!

We had the discussion, last week, about foot wear. After much deliberation, I feel that allowing our classroom staff to wear clean (and in good shape) tennis shoes is somethings we should allow for comfort and safety. I do not feel that it is necessary to determine which colors they can choose as long as the shoe is in good shape. I agree with our goal of having staff present themselves as professional and will continue to aim for that!

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