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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is an online tool for calculating monthly mortgage payments such as taxes and insurance. This tool is helpful to calculate the principle amount of the mortgage, mortgage payment method, duration and cost related to mortgage.More

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Business Calculator

Business calculator is the best way to calculate ROI, cash flow, break even, inventory, starting costs and more. Most commonly used business calculators are cash flow calculator, break even analysis calculator, inventory analysis calculator, profit margin calculator and more.
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Tax Calculator

Tax calculator is a helpful tool to calculate, how much tax you will need to pay? Estimate your tax liabilities with our online free tax calculator. Most commonly used tax calculators for calculating tax liabilities are Estate tax planning calculator, Payroll deduction calculator, Hourly paycheck calculator, Earned income credit calculator and Marginal tax rate calculator. Visit

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Insurance Calculator

Insurance calculator is helpful to figure out how much you can afford and what type of insurance you get? Different types of insurance calculators are Long term care calculator, Human life value calculator, Immediate annuity calculator, Disability insurance needs calculator and more.

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Saving Calculator

Saving calculator is a great tool to calculate initial amount, monthly deposit and annual interest of your savings. Some of the commonly used saving calculators are Home buyer saving calculator, Saving distribution calculator, Saving plan calculator, Emergency saving calculator and more.

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Investment Calculator

The Investment Calculator can help you to calculate the return on investments with a fixed rate of return. This calculator also shows how much you must invest each month to reach a given target. Some of the main investment calculators are Present value calculator, Future value calculator, Stock option calculator, Investment distribution calculator, IRR calculator and Future contracts calculator.

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