Red River Campaign

Elida Trostle 3rd Period

Leading up to the Battle

After the Native American uprising, President Grant put an army-- rather than government agents-- in charge of the Native American affairs in West Texas. Some of the Native Americans went to the reservations, but about 4,000-- mainly Comanches, Kiowa, and Cheyenne-- did not! Some of them based their camps in canyons and valleys in the Texas Panhandle. There about 1,200 warriors prepared for the final defense of their land. They did not have to wait long.

The Battle

Shortly after, an army of 3,000 troops moved in from 5 different directions. The first battle fought became known as the Red River Champaign, fought in August 1874. The Army did not stop trying to find the Indian Camps until the following spring. The troops constantly fought the Native American Indians. In the first 17 months of battle, the Frontier Battalions fought about 21 battles against them.