Olympian HS Band and Guard

Fall Semester Rehearsal Scheduling

Centralized location for information

Our band program has its own website. You can click on the title above, or anytime go to www.ohseagleband.com and you will find answers to many questions, as well as information regarding upcoming events. The following are some of our available pages ...

  • Home Page ... Our schedule for the week, updated weekly. Also links to important information can be found there
  • FAQ ... This page has some great information answering the most often asked questions.
  • Student Life ... articles from students about what it's like to be in this band program.
  • Documents ... Class documents will be placed here, as well as other helpful documents.
  • Calendar ... information regarding our important dates. Use this whenever planning family events to avoid conflicts.
  • Color Guard .... information about our outstanding color guard.
  • Donations and Purchases ... an easy online way to help us out.
  • Many others ... such as "Boosters", "About Us", "Music Links", "AP Music Theory", and more!

7th Period Explained

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Eagle Band and Color Guard! This year is looking to be another fun and exciting year of learning and entertainment from the award winning band program. Every year begins with questions regarding our scheduling and I wanted to make sure there is clarification for all that are involved.

Every member of the band program (Percussion, Cadet Band, Advanced Band) are automatically placed in the marching band. Our first semester is taught through the marching band genre of field show and parade band. Because of the demands of what is to be learned, and the size of the program requiring separate classes during the day, we put everyone together for 7th period practices. These are required and as such students are given credit in either the Marching Band Class or the PE Rhythm and Movement Class (usually 10th graders in this one).

As a believer in quality rehearsal over quantity of rehearsal, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-5:00pm instead of daily. Once a month each section will have a Wednesday rehearsal from 2:45-4:30. For example woodwinds the first week, brass the second week, etc. This allows students all the other days of the week to take care of special needs after school (such as doctor appointments, driving test, extra tutoring, etc.)

Please be aware that our school has scheduled tutorial period during each class on block days for make-up work and make-up tests. Students are to work with their teachers to make sure their make-up work is taken care of without conflict to our 7th period.

Because the guard does not have an actual class during 1-6, they will rehearse every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Wednesdays may be shortened to 4:00 or 4:30. See our weekly schedule for exact times.

Extra Rehearsal Dates

August 23 ... 2pm-9pm
September 13 ... 2pm-9pm
September 22 ... 2pm-9pm (first Monday of Fall Break)
October 2 ... 2pm-9pm (last Thursday of Fall Break)