Sarah Rheinsmith

Agricultual Products

Native Customs or Beliefs

In Greece, those in the country often trade their goods and have done so since ancient greece. Also, when they go to restaurants the tip is included in the bill and it is improper to tip afterwards.


Easter- The most celebrated in holiday in Greece. They celebrate with a whole roasted lamb, red-dyed eggs, tsoureki( sweet braided bread), magirista (Easter soup), kokoretsi (grilled tripe roll)

Ash Wednesday-The first day of Lent. Celebrated on the Christian calander. They celebrate with a picnic, unleavened bread, seafood and vegetables with olive oil.

Christmas-Turkey, Melomakara (honey cookies) and Kourabiedes (sugar cookies with almonds)

Native Dishes

Exotic Foods

Herbs and Spices

The Greek tend to use the basic herbs and spices in their cooking. The most common is salt and pepper; however, they also use rigani(oregano), used in many meat dishes and on baked vegetables.Thymari(thyme) is used in meat dishes and paired with olives for the best flavoring. Anitho(dill) is used in the flavoring of salads. Kumino(cumin) is used in spicy meatballs doused in tomato sauce. Kanela(cinnamon), is the most popular spice used in desserts and is often sprinkled over the top of the dish.