Nick Woodman

By Lauren , Taylor

The founder of the GoPro

Why did they start it? for people who wanted to capture quality action photos of their activities
Brief history- Woodman grew up in MenloPark, California and then also Atherton, California. Attended MenloPark school graduated in 1993. He developed interest in surfing and the formed a high school surfing club, earned a bachelors degree in visual arts and a minor in creative writing from the University of California, San Diego.

How he meets each of the four elements of a successful business- Woodman had to create a business plan to be able to appear on tv show Shark Tank.

How has He remained successful- In 2004, he made his first big sell when a Japanese company ordered 100 cameras at a sports show, therefore sales doubled every year.

Changes he adapted to-

Would you want to work for Woodman? why or why not? I would LOVE to work for Nick Woodman because i would get all the new GoPro's he comes up with.!

Net Worth 2.6 billion USD