Wednesday Minis

February 17, 2016

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PRESIDENT Jenifer Mandelblatt

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful break. Diversity Dinners are starting soon so I would like to meet with everyone who is leading a conversation. Please stay after Chapter this Sunday for 10 minutes so we can talk logistics.

Thank you so much,



Hi everyone!

BIG LITTLE REVEAL IS ON SATURDAY AT 11am!!!!!! Please arrive at the house no later than 10:45am. The Littles will probably arrive early, and I'm hoping that we'll all be set up by then (Please have socks- and please have pictures of those socks on the google doc so that we don't have multiple matches with the same pairs). After reveal, I encourage you all to go and have lunch/quality time with your lineages! That evening will be the Sisterhood Progressive Dinner, which is yet another opportunity for the lineages to bond!

You're all wonderful! Keep up the amazing Big Sister love!!!



VP CS Miranda Deane


Hey guys!

Just a reminder that your points won't be reflected on the points tab on GIN!

I created this google form so that when I send out the points totals it will be anonymous. I cannot start sending out totals until everyone fills this out! I ask that you choose a unique 4 digit number that has meaning to you such as the last four digits of your cell or of your student ID. Please don't pick "1234", "4321", etc. because People might end up with duplicates. You can also choose a secret word (something appropriate) if you wish.

Last weeks points form is up on Gin now! Sorry about the delay, but it will cover from last Sunday to this past Saturday!

Love you all,


PANHEL DEL Erin Powder

There's a tri-council sexual assault open forum on Monday, February 22 at 4:30 in the Williard Straight Memorial Room! Come join me and Elise and Madeling. Feel free to email me if you want to meet up before and sit together!

Keep applying for the skit replacement committee! They are really trying to get at least one representative from each house so please reach out to me if you are at all interested and I'll give you more info. Or you can just shoot a casual email regarding your interest to Panhel's VP FMR (Madalyn Baehre) at mmb296.

March 7-11 is Women's Wellness Week! There will be a keynote speaker on March 9th at 5:30pm in Klarman Hall and AOT GROUP A gets to go!!! Everyone is of course invited but if you're in AOT group A you must attend or find someone to replace you and email me who that lucky lady is.

Start thinking about if you would want to be a Rho Gamma as applications will be coming out soon. Talk to Tara, Adeline, or Allee Vito if you have any questions about that side of recruitment.

Last thing I promise: DONATE BLOOD SAVE LIVES YOU CAN DO IT! February 23 at WSH and the 24th at RPCC.

Love you!

Appointed Officer Announcements

Senior Club Chairs


Pre-mixer power hour TOMORROW at 305 Eddy Apartment 8! Party will start at 8:30pm and power hour will commence PROMPTLY at 9pm-and we will get rides to Sig Nu. There will be snacks and beverages and a kick-butt playlist. COME IN THEME! No dress in theme, no snacks or beverages for you. DONT BE A SWUG.

Fill this out




Junior Club Chairs

fun4juniors this Friday, 2/19 @9pm @Miranda's (120 Linden) !!!

fill out this form to RSVP and to let us know if you want pizza or libations provided!


White Rose Committee Madeling and EPow

Hi everyone! EPow and I are planning the ~*White Rose Ceremony*~ following Second Degree on Saturday, February 27th. Please RSVP using this link -- it would be a great help!
(*note: this is a required event, so an RSVP of "no" should be accompanied by a sad face and an email!)

(**also note: we're not collecting netids or names, so if you commented something specific re attendance, make sure to email Jac because I know nothing! ha ha)

Academic Excellence

Hey everyone!

We are starting an "Academic Family" program within our sisterhood!

This should be a super exciting and useful way to meet and get to know sisters of all ages.

FILL OUT THIS SURVEY ASAP so we can get this started!




Don't forget, the sisterhood progressive dinner is this Saturday at 7pm!!! Look out for a post on the chapter wall (on GIN) for the groups and houses!!


Kimmi, Brooke, and Kristina


Thursday: SIG NU MIXER!!!!! YEWWWWW 10:00 pm (theme TBD)

Friday: Llenroc!!!!!!! 10:00 pm Theme—— Hawaii!!!!!!

Saturday - dinner sisterhood NOMS , no mixer bc food


Love, parties, need more noms,

Emma + weenie-pie


Hey everyone!

Our spring apparel line is ready! Stacy and I have worked super hard to make this new apparel, so we hope you like it!

Some important things:
1. Sign up by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 AT MIDNIGHT (no exceptions)!
2. The quarter zip color is not finalized yet. We will update the proof when we know the final color (gray, green, or navy)
3. If you want two of a particular item, put your name down twice
4. Please don’t delete other people’s names on the signup form

Let Stacy or I know if you have any questions!

XOXO, apparel chairs <3

Sign up here: