Wm. Adams Middle School

Faculty and Staff Newsletter • May 2, 2016

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Be sure to check the mailroom or your mailbox each day this week as we show our appreciation to you for all that you do for our students.

Morning Duty This Week, 7:30-7:42

Open - Station 1: Outside main entrance

Harriett Diaz - Station 2: Corridor to the gym

Kristi Esquivel - Station 3: West entrance

Gennie Lopez - Station 4: 100 wing between 112 and 114 (monitor from 112 to 116)

Yolanda Cruz - Station 5: 200 wing between 207 and 209 (monitor from 207 to 216)

Seferino Mendietta - Station 6: Outside Library by tables

Luis Mireles - Station 7: 300 wing between 303 and 306 (monitor from 303 to 301)

Patricia Mejia - Station 8: 300 wing between 312 and 314 (monitor from 312 to 316)

Aurelia O'Neil - Station 9: 400 wing between 404 and 406 (monitor from 406 to 401)

Ludy Resendez - Station 10: 400 wing between 409 and 414 (monitor from 407 to 416)

Pam Rodriguez - Station 11: Outside 400 wing by east entry

Jesus Saenz - Station 12: Bus Stop

*If you know in advance that you will be absent, please alert administration in order to have someone monitor your station in your absence.

STAAR Interventions

Thank you 8th grade math and ELAR teachers, Mrs. Gutierrez, Ms. Cavazos, Mrs. Ramirez, and Mrs. Debbie O'Neill for your efforts to help our students through STAAR interventions. We have one more week to instill those important routines and strategies in our kiddos so that they can go into their tests with confidence of success.

After School Duty 3:37 - 4:00

Your eyes and ears are still needed after school to help supervise students inside the building and those waiting to be picked up outside. The only people who are excused from after school duty are those who have morning duty this week.

May 2-6:

Teachers in 100 and 300 wings -OUTSIDE;

Teachers in 200 and 400 wings INSIDE.

Please fan out so that you can keep a watchful eye on your surroundings. As we discussed previously, when you are visible in the hallways and outside, students will not typically engage in inappropriate behavior. With careful scanning and watching of body language, we can prevent most of these events from happening.

Olweus Anti-Bullying March

Be watching your email for information regarding our Olweus Anti-Bullying March to be held on Friday, May 6th.

Air Conditioning

If your classroom becomes particularly warm, please contact Bonnie or Karen in the front office. While there is a thermostat in your room, you cannot control the temperature from it. We can contact Mr. Willie Ruiz and he can check via computer to determine if the fans are working, the humidity, the set points and so forth. He can make adjustments from his computer. Based on the information he has, he can determine whether someone must be sent to campus to check the equipment.

When you call Bonnie or Karen, please provide the with your room number and the number indicated on the tag on your thermostat.

Please do not place plastic baggies or heat lamps on your thermostat. It will not trigger the units to run and it will damage the thermostat such that it will not work properly.

Attendance Update:

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We absolutely must continue making phone calls regarding attendance. As you can see, we are not meeting our goal of 95% often enough. We typically hit it once or twice a week, but that is not enough. While losing money for the daily average attendance, our more pressing concern is that we cannot teach them if they are not here. We have another round of testing beginning May 9th and we need these students here.

Please look at your rosters at the end of each day and make calls to those parents of students who were absent. Imagine if a student or his/her parent received 7 phone calls in one day because the student was missed by the teacher!

I will gladly allow you to use the phone in my office. There is also a phone in the front office conference room, the small office behind Bonnie's desk where the copier is located, in the lounge behind the back office, and in the back office. If you wish to make a call during your conference, we will do our best to make a telephone available to you.

Thank you,

Dr. H


STAAR Mania is fast approaching. Please be talking this up to your students, especially those retesters. This should be a fun day for everyone who qualifies to participate. The requirements are explained in the photo below.
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Summer School

This year, WAMS will host summer school for grades 5-12. Please be watching your email and newsletters for updates as they become available.

What Do I Know?

I know that WAMS has the best faculty and staff anywhere!

I know that WAMS' teachers care about what they do every day.

I know that WAMS' administrators care about every student and every teacher and that they seek to create a culture of understanding and educational success.

I know that WAMS' secretaries, registrar, and the attendance clerk do a phenomenal job of working with parents, and teachers each and every day.

I know that WAMS' counselors work hard to make sure that students' concerns are heard and that help is provided.

I know that our cafeteria people are here early every morning to provide breakfast and lunch for our students and staff.

I know that our nurse is here to make sure that our students are taken care of when they become ill or injured.

I know that WAMS' paraprofessionals are among the hardest working individuals on this campus and that they, too, care about student success.

I know that our security team watches out for everyone and helps us maintain an orderly campus.

I know that our librarian does a great job of making sure that our students have interesting books to read.

I know that WAMS' custodians do a fantastic job of keeping this campus looking its best.

I know that every teacher has a heart for students and a desire to help them be successful.

I know that whatever challenges lie before us, we will conquer with all "paddles in"!

I know that I am fortunate to call WAMS my work home!

--Dr. H

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