E.M Spectrum

Radio Waves 10^4 - 10^12

A radio wave has a long wavelength and a small frequency. You can use radio waves for blue tooth, garage door openers, TV remote, etc. It was also discovered by Heinrich Hertz

Large doses of radio waves are claimed to cause cancer, leukemia and other disorders. Others claim low frequency fields from power cables overhead have affected their health, although this is not proven.

Radio waves effect my life because they are used in blue tooth, and I use blue tooth almost everyday to connect to speakers, sometimes headsets. They also control garage door openers and I use that to get into my house after I get off the bus because my parents are not home.

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Microwaves 10^8 - 10^12

A microwave has a slightly shorter wavelength the radio waves and it also have a slightly bigger frequency compared to radio waves. You can use microwaves for satellites, radars, cellphones, etc. The first person to discover microwaves was Percy Spencer.

Microwaves can interfere with airplane systems (that's why they tell you to turn your phone off or on airplane mode) and also heart monitors.

Microwaves effect my life because I use microwave ovens to heat up food. They also help with phone signals. These are things I use everyday.

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Infrared Waves 10^12 - 10^15

A Infrared waves have a shorter wavelength than microwave and a higher frequency. You use these waves for hairdryers, night vision, toasters, heat lamps, etc. These waves are felt as heat. The first person to discover this type of wave was Frederick William Herschel.

These waves can be a danger because the heat you feel them as can burn you.

These waves are a part of my life because I always blow dry my hair so that its not a mess in the morning.

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Visible Light 10^14 - 10^15

Visible light is the only part of the E.M spectrum that we can see. It is in the middle of the spectrum and has a smaller wavelength and a higher frequency compared to infrared waves. We use these waves to see colors, for plants to grow, vitamin D, etc.

Visible light can cause blindness and seizures.

I use these waves every single day, they let me see colors.

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Ultra Violet (UV) 10^15 - 10^18

UV waves haves a shorter frequency and a higher frequency than visible light. We use these waves to get vitamin C & D. We also use them to sanitize medical equipment and to seal braces. The first person to discover these waves was Johann Ritter.

These waves could cause cancer.

These waves are a part of my life because if I get braces these waves will seal them and I also get vitamin C & D from them.

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X rays 10^16 10^21

X rays have a smaller wavelength and a higher frequency than UV waves. We use these waves to detect fractures or breaks in bone. They also are used in airport security. The person to first discover these waves was Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. Wilhelm Roentgen.

These waves are dangerous because they can cause damage to cells or even cause cancer.

I could use these waves in case I get a broken bone or get checked at an airport.

Gamma Rays 10^19 10^24

Gamma rays have a very short wavelength and a very high frequency. You can use these waves to locate black holes and for gamma ray cameras. The first person to discover this wave was Paul Villard.

The danger of these type of waves is radiation poisoning.

These effect my life because scientist need to locate black holes so people know.

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EM Spectrum

This is the EM spectrum, the farther you go right the smaller frequency, more energy and higher wave length.