A life on the trails

By Kyle Helker

The Oregon trail long and hard and you can run out of food easily

  • Just one family of four needed at least a half of a TON to last them the trip ( Thats 1000 POUNDS)
  • If Indians attack you could lose some food
  • A morning Breakfast would include coffee, milk, bacon, and biscuits

Coverd wagons was built for weight like food, water, and family belongings.

  • The wagons were also built to last hundreds of miles too.
  • Wagons were reinforced with metal plating and pipping for saftey.
  • On a regular day a wagon train would travel 10 to 15 miles but on rainy days They might only travel ONE MILE!

You had a lot of time to rest on the trails.

  • Your day would start at 4 am and end at 6 pm with a 1 or 2 hour break n the middle for lunch.
  • Childern didn't have much fun on the trail instead they had chores like fechting water, dusting off the blankets, and hanging the beef jerky to dry in the sun.
  • In the morning the wagon master would wake everyone up so they can eat breakfast, make lunch,and to have a cup of coffee.