Smartphone sales may be slipping…

But that’s no reason to let your iPhone or Samsung slip into disrepair!

[Melbourne, VIC]: The mobile phone market may be off to a rough start, in the second quarter of 2016, but the news isn’t necessarily as bad as it seems. While leading mobile manufacturers like Apple are reporting declining sales for the first time since the iPhone was launched 12 years ago, other companies like Samsung are stepping forward to fill the gap, thanks to their brilliant new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Many factors, including economic unrest in China, are contributing to the flagging sales. One of the main reasons for the decreasing figures is that most people who want a smartphone already have one!

The simple fact of the matter is, most of us don’t need to buy a brand new handset every year, or even every other year. Despite minor cosmetic damages - like cracked screens, dings, dents, or dim displays - most mobile phones can last for years, when we take care of them.

Have you grown attached to your Samsung Galaxy S6’s crisp, clear camera? Don’t feel like porting your contacts to a brand new iPhone, especially with the iPhone 7 right around the corner?

If you’d like to return your smartphone to its original. Pristine state, TelcoWorld specializes in repairing:

  • Water damaged phones (Amazing 95% Success Rate!)
  • Samsung Screen Replacement
  • Smart Phone Touch Screen Repairs
  • Whole Unit Replacements
  • Speaker and Microphone Replacements
  • Fixing Cosmetic Damage
  • And much much more!

Repairing your smartphone lets you hold onto your handset until you’re ready to upgrade! Want to schedule an appointment or request a free quote? Contact us today!

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