UNK Society and Science Camps

How to Sign up

Visit the official UNK Science Summer Camp Website at unk.edu/ScienceandSocietyCamps

With tuition costs for residential camps, you get to stay on campus in one of UNK's safe and secure residence halls.


Date: June 6-10
Grades: Those entering 9th and 10th grade
Format: Residential
Cost: $250
Explore a new field-cyber security, by learning these technology basics and how they work:
  • Networking concepts and computer programming
  • Problem-solving through introduction to computer engineering
  • Critical-thinking skills to address and solve problems
  • Computer architecture and embedded systems hardware

Strategies for Social Change

Dates: June 7-10
Grades: Those entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grades
Format: Residential
Cost: $350 or $325 if registered before May 15th
If your goal is to make a difference in your community, this camp gives practical, hot-to instructions for leading social change. Learn the techniques professional activists use to define social problems, identify solutions, mobilize followers, and communicate with policymakers, media, and the public.

The Math of Chaos and Competition

Dates: June 11-14
Grades: For students entering in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades
Format: Residential
Costs: $250 or $235 if registered before May 15th
Google "fractals" and you see beautiful images and vibrant colors, but these are constructs are actually also mathematical constructs. They are objects that live between dimensions; they are neither 1D, 2D, or #D objects but have fractional dimension (hence "fractal").

During this camp, you will look at some of the basic fractals like the Cantor set and the Sierpinski triangle and see how something completely random and chaotic like rolling a die an eventually become very ordered if looked at in the right context.

Game theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the application of mathematical reasoning to competitive behavior. You will learn how to use game theory to solve questions of social competition and analyze social networks of different populations while learning how to be skillful mathematicians and good strategists.

Crime Scence Investigation Camp

Dates: June 12-14
Grades: For youth entering in 9th and 10th grades
Format: Commuter
Costs: $85 or $80 if registered before May 15th
In this camp, you will learn the basic principles of criminal investigation, and be introduced to forensic evidence collection and analysis techniques-like fingerprints, impression evidence, microscopic evidence, and alternative light sources.
You will even investigate a mock crime scene on the final day of the camp.

Physis, Astronomy, and Engineering Camp

Dates: June 14-17
Grades: For students entering in 9th and 10th grade
Format: Residential
Costs: $285 or $270 if registered before May 15
In this camp you will gain hands-on experience and problem-solving skills in Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering. Learn about the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, analyze electric circuits, study the physics of energy and motion, test material properties using a universal testing machine, and create 3D virtual structures with Computer Aid Design (CAD) software.

Health Sciences Day Camp

Date: June 16
Grades: For students entering grades 11th and 12th
Format: Commuter
Costs: $85 or $80 if registered before May 15th
You will learn about circulation and dissect a cow heart, spend time in a lab setting, tour the Health Science Education complex, and participate in simulations and case students.