By Mindy Whitton

Volume is my favorite...

I think that when you solve for volume it is lots of fun. It is probably the easiest, well to me that is. I am not a person who likes to solve out the most complicated problems in the world. I am a person who likes short and hard problems that are not so complicated. So volume is right for me. If you are kinda like me then you will like volume. So if yes keep reading, and if no stop reading. I hope most of you are like me so you will find out my knowledge on volume. Have fun.



prism or cylinder- Bh

pyramid or cone- 1/3 Bh

Sphere- 4/3 πr³

I Had The Choice Of 3 Others...

But I Chose Volume, As You Know

My Staar Question

If a cylinder had 1/4 filled already and i want to fill it up 2/8 more then take away 2/4 what will be an aproxamate value of what i have now?

How To Solve My Staar Question

You Start With 1/4 So The Total So Far Would Be 1/4 Then Add 2/8 Which Is 1/4 So The Total So Far Would Be 2/4 Then When You Take Away 2/4 You Have Nothing Left So There You Have It That Is The Answer.