Chennai fertility centre


Infertility has become a dominant problem in our society today. Thought it has been seen mainly with women above the ages of 35, young men and women are also facing the same situation. The only safe destination to treat such problems then is Chennai fertility centre.

I came across a recently married couple, where the wife was the software professional from a leading MNC longing to have a baby, despite his wife’s wish to nurture a family ,the man had not indulged in consummating their marriage, on repeated sittings and counseling we found that the man displayed homosexual tendencies. Finally their marriage dwindled helplessly in a divorce with not a tinge of fault on the female.

I also encountered another dynamic career oriented pair, who came to me for infertility treatment, on screening we unearthed that they were infected with chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease generally affecting women, causing scarring and blockage of fallopian tubes .The couple kept blaming each other for contracting it, and finally discontinued their treatment, even this kind of marriages end up in a divorce.

Along with, affirmative rise of women empowerment among Indian women, another sky rocketing trend of evil has engulfed the society, it is none other than haphazard work life balance and unhealthy lifestyles .Consequences of these are being devastating on marriages ,subjecting to these ,the partners spend bare minimum time together, postpone their conception prioritizing on their career, binge on instant packaged food, have no time for physical activity, struggle with work related stress and juggle their circadian rhythm by altered sleep patterns.