Edited by: Caden Turner

My Thoughts on Newspapers

I always like to learn more about Cuba, but when the New York Journal and the New York World get involved in the stories I know that something is going on. The always exaggerate the story in their articles and I feel like it's good that they are keeping the American people informed but you should be serious with your wording, especially when talking about re concentration camps.

The de Lome Letter and The USS Maine

The De Lome letter was an instant match as to a reasoning for the United States to be offended by Cuba. Even though De Lome offered his resignation, the United States wasn't going to back down from this rude letter.

The USS Maine bombing is personally one of the worst things I have ever heard of. It is terrible that those men were killed. But, I don't feel like the Journal and other newspapers should instantly assume it was Cuba that caused this bombing.

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A Correspondent's Story

My journey has been quite interesting thus far In the Spanish-American War. So far I've been in the Philippines and now we have transferred over to Cuba. I correspond with the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, otherwise known as the Rough Riders. Thankfully, I wasn't involved in San Juan Hill because my duty was done.
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Describing Images

On the left is the Anti-Imperialist League that don't want the U.S. to succeed and on the right side are the good people that want the U.S. to succeed. The American citizens are watching this unfold and don't really know how to respond. All of this was happening to add on was also the Platt Amendment.
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