Being more environmentally friendly

to protect the future

The importance of beings Green

Being a green citizen is very important for our future. Being green also can protect the delicate future that awaits us. With all the tree cutting down and fossil fuel burning our future doesn't look so good. However in the last decade we have been more conscious of the future an have started to change our ways.

Green Cars

Many car dealers are going green. Tesla, an electric car company, builds electric vehicles for the road. They have absolutely no emissions and unlike a hybrid run all on electricity. Another car company, Toyota, is building a FCV or a fuel cell vehicle. It runs on hydrogen. The emissions from the car is only water vapor which doesn't harm our delicate atmosphere.

Green Living

Living green is very import to help protect the future. Many houses waste energy through walls and due to poorly insulated houses they can waste even more. Many people as waste water by not even shutting off water. They waste electricity
The united states alone waste 61-86 percent of the energy it has. The amount it waste could power an entire country. However it wasnt always like this. In 1970 the United states used more energy than it wasted.
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