Kingdom Men

Febuary 2016

Do I know you?

We have a great campaign going to inform people coming to our church about our Life groups and handing out invitations to join a group. During this campaign, we need to remember it is more import that we take the time to try and connect with a person than how many invites we hand out.
As we are learning from our study, people want to know who you are before they will be a part of what you are doing.

New Study Starting Febuary 17th

Our next study will be "Action Hero: Jesus in the Book of Mark" by Alan Danielson.

Action Hero: Jesus in the Book of Mark - takes group members on a journey through the Book of Mark as they learn how to become a missional community. It does this by teaching them how to be a "group of action" in the same way Jesus was a "man of action." Drawing from the words and action of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark "The Ultimate Action Hero" dares groups to become more than what they currently are. This Life Connections study keeps in mind that disciples are not made in a laboratory or a classroom—but on the go.

Do I know me?

"Just for fun" I took a personality test a couple of years back to see what it would say about me. Most of the things the test told me I already knew about myself.
What I found interesting was discovering the reasons "why" I do some of the things I do, good and bad.
With this new information I was better able to evaluate myself in the way I responded to different situations.
Below is a link to a 12 to 15 minuet personality test that you can take to possibly learn a little something new about your self.
You know "Just for fun."

Lets Get to a Game

Unfortunately this past year we did not take the opportunity to get out to a game or three.
Lets make that happen this year. We will look over our teams schedules and set up days and times we can go as a group.

The 5 Best Apps Available For Christian Men (

As of 2015, reports show over 1.5 million Apps are available for download from both Google and Apple. That my brothers, is a lot of apps!

Over the last month, I started making my way through those Apps ( on the Apple Store) in an effort to find the very best apps available to men, more specifically Christian men.

With that in mind, ALL of the apps listed below appear to be updated often and are FREE!

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